Hey blood producers :D

On Tuesday it is possible to donate blood. Yes, you can do it even though you are an international student ♥

We will meet and go together. If you have school lessons you will get a paper so you will have free day and you will get some snack. Are here any brave heroes? 

These are criterias for blood donating: 
• if you are regular donator the frequency of donating is 3 months for men and 4 months for women 
• your weight has to be minimum 50kg 
• you can’t be HIV, hepatitis B and C positive 
• can’t have any serious or chronic diseases

You can’t donate blood if you: 
• used drugs intravenous or intramuscularly in present or in past 
• giving or getting payed sexual services 
• sex between two men 
• promiscuous lifestyle with often partner changing 
• anabolic steroids using (not prescribed from the doctor) 
• blood shrinkage cure with blood medicaments 
• for women: it is not too good to donate during period, right after or before

Looking forward to seeing you there
You ESN SUA & UKF team ;)