Christmas Eurodinner it´s a special opportunity to celebrate all together Christmas before holiday :)

So talk with each other about what kind of food and drink (typical for Christmas) you would like to prepare, what kind of music, costumes (come in Christmas red&green colours), dances, what you wish!
Remember it is Eurodinner so the whole stuff you prepare should be traditional for your country. We hope You do it. For those who haven´t opportunity to prepare your traditional food at N2N party, its now the right time to show. :)

Be creative!!!

What you can expect from us??
Typical Slovak food and alcohol, some stuff (forks, knives, spoons, plates, glasses)

And special stuff of christmas eurodinner!

It is Christmas time, and that means one thing... PRESENTS :)
In case you want to participate in Secret Santa gift Exchange follow this event.

What is Secret Santa?
Christmas is present time, so we want to prepare for all of us Secret Santa (Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned a person to whom they anonymously give a gift.) This gift can not cost more than 5 Euro (but also less). When Eurodinner starts all of us should write our name on a piece of paper and put in a pocket. After everyone of us will select one paper with name and give to this person the present which has bought. I hope everybody join this nice tradition.

This Eurodinner is not just Eurodinner like others, we want to make the best athosphere, we want to say goodbye to those, who dont come back in January, we want to say thank you Erasmus, because you are the BeeeEEEeeeST!!!!