Hey everyone!

I hope you are all excited for another hike and castle exploration! 
This time, we will be visiting Gýmeš Castle. It is very close to Nitra and a perfect one-day trip. So, here are some details:

We all meet at the main bus station in Nitra at 10:30 - the latest. We need some time to get organized, so please, don't be late! The bus will be leaving from platform C13 at 10:45 and we will arrive to Kostolany at 11:34.

From there, we will climb the hill on which this castle is situated. It is a nice hike that should take about 45 minutes. You will have a chance to enjoy a beautiful view from the top and explore ruins of this ancient castle. There should be enough time for refreshment. 

Important note #1: Make sure you take enough food and drinks for the entire trip. There might not be a place where you can buy these. Dress warm and have a proper shoes! At this time of the year, it can be very windy and you want to enjoy the place rather than being frozen somewhere in the corner. 

If there is some extra free time, we can visit one historic church nearby. You can read bout it here

On the way home, we will take the bus that leaves at 16:50 and we should be in Nitra at 17:40.

One way student ticket with ISIC costs 0,9€ and a full price is 1,55€. You will need two tickets, so plan accordingly. 

Important note #2: No alcohol should be present at any time during this event. No vulgar languge as well. A bus driver has the right to kick you out from the bus for innapropriate behavior listed above.This should be a nice event with a group of inteligent and well behaved students.

Hopefully, we will have a nice weather and be able to enjoy another beautiful spring weekend. 

Looking forward to seeing you there...
Your ESN SUA team ;)