Hello animal lovers ♥ 

As you can see the weather is getting better every new day. Do you know what does it mean? Yes! We are going to see our friends from dog shelter in Nitra.

We will take some dogs for a walk, far away from their stressful life. For a few, leaving the shelter might be too much excitement for now, but time spent with the animal giving it vital socialisation could help a lot in finding him or her a new home. But guys you need to be calm and often patient. You need to be competent at handling the animals and always act responsibly.

* All great friendships starts with a paw-shake ♥ *

---> MEETOPOINT <---
For those of you who are interested, we can meet at 14:15 in front of N Centrum (main entrance) and together we can go buy some yummies for dogs - it's up to you. After that we will take a bus to the shelter (at 14:45 so we have 30 minutes for shopping :) )

---> DRESS <---
Don’t forget to take some older dress, because you can get dirty if your dog will be full of love and energy . (Trust us we know what we are talking about :P ) 

Looking forward to seeing you!

Your ESN SUA & UKF team ;)

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16/03/2017 - 00:00