Hi, guys!

Are you curious about our capital city? If yes, we have a special offer for you! During Saturday (8th October) Bratislava is not going to sleep.... because it will be a White Night!!! More info about this spectaculous event you can find via link below.

Here is a list of activities prepared for your stay in Bratislava:

• City Tour

• Visit of the Bratislava Castle

• Bridge Jumping (we have to collect at least 12 jumpers, otherwise it´s not possible to jump) → https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QC3X4H4Vmc

• White night → http://bielanoc.sk/en/bratislava-en/

Important info: We will go back by Night Bus (01:00, 01:40 or 04:25).

If you are interested sign into this google form until Friday (7th October, 15:00):

Your ESN team ;)